Samstag, 30. August 2008

pumpkin (and- seed) rice paper rolls

with heaps of cilantro and a cranberry-chili dipping sauce with limejuice......any questions? ; )

Freitag, 29. August 2008

chickpeas romesco

with lemony parsley_cous cous and blanched beans (and a lil bit leftover pesto)......thumbs up!

Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

raspberry_cream pie

and watching "marie antoinette" and drinkind rose sparkling wine......

Dienstag, 26. August 2008

veganomicon, day 2

- curry tofu
- coconutty rice
- cilantro-basil pesto
- blanched beans


Montag, 25. August 2008

pumpkin-udon noodle stew with deep fried tofu

this was sooooo good! i actually added some cilantro and japanese hot sesame oil.

- pumpkin
- shiitake
- scallions
- shoyu, sake, v-broth, sugar
- carrots
- deep fried tofu
- udon noodles
- japanese pepper, cilantro

book of the week:


Sonntag, 24. August 2008

last day of chinese food:

- rice_noodles with tofu in yellowbean_sauce
- mixed veggies in hoisin_sauce
- chop suey

Freitag, 22. August 2008


have a break of chinese food. i really needed a huge portion kimchi!
- sesame leafs
- cold tofu topped with spicy sesame sauce

Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

- sweet 'n' sour sald
- springrolls with dipping sauce
- marinated tofu over stir fried mango
- 5_spices stir fry

Montag, 18. August 2008

ingredients for the cucumber salad:

pepper_corn'n'carrot salad with sesame, cucumber_salad with chilli& cilantro, green beans with anis and fried szechuan_tofu with red bell pepper.the best chinese food i made since??????? IT WAS REALLY GOOD

this weeks cookbook:

for the next weeks i've decided cook each week after ONE cookbook.

seitan in chanterelle_cream with blanched beans and pasta

this was the meal i used the seitan for. first homemade seitan

the seitan was not very good.....

Freitag, 15. August 2008

Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

crêpes with vanilla-chilli-pumpkin (and cilantro-joghurt)

this was soooooo delicious! i've decided to practice my drawing so i'll draw instead of writing down the ingredients from now on.

i'm back......

i've worked in a vegan cafe as a no cooking at home. but now i have time to cook at my place again, yeahhhh!